Some of the messages I received. Thank you ladies and gentlemen :)


Brian Fleischman

Excellent textures - best on the net by far - keep up the good work. Hair??? Has anybody done any serious hair for closeup work - I hate post processing for hair! Top Notch stuff!


Great site with some fantastic hi res looking forward to coming back and seeing what else you have added later on..i think its great that people such as yourself are creating such good textures for michael and such...i havnt yet purchased michael but intend to in the new year and now i dont have to buy the zygote tex map.. gar. p.s. are you thinking of putting up a gallery of your own artwork?


Serge Mustu

You are the one who let other know, that Poser IS a professional 3D application. Good work, man ! I downloaded the realistic black male ( James ) texture and transformed it for a normal poser 4 figure. Was not easy, but you did the hard before. Thank you and stay fruity...


Simon Tainton

Hi there Joe. Great site, outstanding textures! A big 'Thank you' for all your hard work.


Claude L. Guertin

Hello Joe I greatly appreciate the excellent work you do for Michael. The textures are great and free. Whenever I will use them, I will let you know. Thanks again.


Alan Lee

Hi Joe, Thanks for continuing to develop things for Michael. Stuff for Michael is harder to find then stuff for Vicki. I still love the body texture you made. I just saw the details you had on the face bump maps for Michael. The thumbnails don't do the work justice. I'm working on making some makeup kits for Vicki. They are basically photoshop files that you just dump colors in and it's reshaded. I'll let you know when I'm done if you're interested. Please keep up the excellent work and l'll check back for stuff. :)


Diane B/picnic

These dls are terrific Joe. I had seen your illustration and was waiting for the body to be done. Got your body and Paul's head--now need to do something with them *S*.


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