All material on this site is my property,
excepted when specified.
This concerns design, images, textures
and all the other things.

My policy is that I gave my textures / work
for free only for private use. If you make money
while using my stuff, I ask for either being paid
or being asked the authorization,
depending on the situation of course.

When you download stuff from this site,
you must agree with these rules :

Use my free stuff as you want,
but any commercial use is forbidden
without my written consent.


If the media allows it, don't forget to quote
me if you used my creations in your art.


If you can, send me some of your art which involves
my stuff.

You may see nudity, as I am making textures but there is nothing offending. That's no porn. I think everybody in the world will see naked people in its life. So, I will not put
a logo to warn you. But you will never see images
that could be shocking for children.

So bad if you are a puritan.


All rights to Renault David
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