The new home for Poser, with upgrades and informations
concerning the program itself.


They did quite all the 3D models you got in your Poser
directory, and got brand new stuff for you.
Take a look at the Millenium Woman/Man,
highly detailed and improved models.

Don't miss their greatest model : Victoria2 !

Every week a free download.

Renderosity.com - A 3D Artist Community

Home of the Poser Community with tons of free downloads,
forums in which you can find real answers and
a growing store.


A place to share ideas and creations.

3d commune

After the big cataclysm in the Poser Community,
a new forum built by respected members arises.

digital babes

Kozaburo is a master concerning transparency
and texture maps for Hair.

thorne works

The most beautiful faeries in the Poser Community.

darrens effects by Daramski

Great Poser / Bryce artist.

doctor smesh

Great characters and modifications.

morph world

Hundreds of Morph Targets to customize your
Poser characters, and more...

poser world

Models, textures, morph targets among other things.

props guild

Props, props...accessories for your figures.

happy worldland

The most famous textures for the P4 female figures.

studio 187

Good Poser downloads.

right side of the brain

Professional modeler who gives away some of his work.

posing is an art

Great and impressive poses. Many combine two
characters together in a pose set.

emperor Ken

Wonderful animals textures.

fairy woods

Many characters there.


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